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(1) 50% off Sept Workshops 🍁

(2) We're having puppies! 🐶

(3) New Unicorn candle 🦄

June 18th
June 18th
June 18th
June 18th

June 18th

June 18th

(1) 50% off September Workshops 🍁

✓ We believe in making art as affordable as possible. YAY! This is a really good deal & they will sell out fast! We cannot add spaces to sold out workshops. *Please note you will have to make 2 purchases - the building & the glazing of clay pieces.

✓ Whether you prefer the guidance of an instructor or the freedom of a self-paced experience, we’ve got you covered.

Book your workshop spots at 4Cats Arts Studio or Cedar Heart Farms!

✓ If your heart is now set on a ready-made piece, fear not! Though they sell out quickly, you might still find one available through Chunkies Pottery.

Head over there and see if luck is on your side today. 🍀

✓ And because I believe in a little extra magic, today’s contest is to win a fall workshop for 2!


Scroll below to the comments section to enter to win a FREE SEPTEMBER WORKSHOP for 2.

All you have to do is tell us:

  1. your favourite September workshop
  2. your closest studio

The winner will be announced here on the blog on July 30th!

(2) Q: Who likes dogs? 🐶 A: We do.

For anyone who has ever had a dog...

We have been lucky enough to share our lives with amazing dogs over the last 20 years.

We love Bernese Mountain dogs, they are great farm dogs, great friends, great with kids and sooooooo loving and patient.

They can also be velcro dogs. Velcro dog is a term used to describe an overly clingy dog. 😅

If your dog follows you every second of every day, to the point that you never have a moment alone, you have a Velcro dog. If your dog follows you more closely than your own shadow and you find that sometimes you even trip over your pup, you have a Velcro dog.

I have a Velcro dog named Prince 💖.

King and Queen before him (😢😢) were the same but a little more independent. Prince is pretty much my best bud.

Now to the big news... we love these dogs so much we decided we would like to have puppies at some point.

Granted... we thought we would wait a bit longer but alas, I naively underestimated the power of mother nature...

Despite the fact that we had separated the dogs to avoid any accidents. Unbeknownst to us, Prince had developed super powers and was suddenly able to scale a 5 foot fence, so... now we are having puppies.

If hearing updates about our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies would bring you joy too, you could follow along with our journey subscribing to our puppy blog below 👇

We are calling them them our Royal Puppies.

And speaking of puppies...


This Summer @ 4Cats!

Check out this 3 week puppy mini session in August for kids!

Make a clay dog bowl from scratch (the same dog bowl my Royal Puppies eat out of!) and a cute little Ditto Dog!

We're celebrating fluffy fur and floppy ears this August! 🐾🐾🐾

(3) New Unicorn candle 🦄

Every time you light this Unicorn candle you get to make a wish!

This candle is magical and beautiful! Infused with the absolutely delicious scent of vanilla cupcakes and rainbow sprinkles, it is guaranteed to add sparkles & smiles to your life!

A small reminder of everything that is good, magical and beautiful in the world.

And of course, this unicorn candle makes a joyful gift! Send love and magical wishes to someone special!

*Thanks to all who purchased the Apple Orchard candle!

It was so popular, we are now making another batch.

Sign up for our Tiny Pause e-news to be notified when back in stock!


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I love the Kitty Mugs workshop! Oakville West studio

Kirsten Sears – 06/19/2024

I like the pumpkin house! Main Street

Maya – 06/18/2024

favourite September workshop: Cedar Heart Dishes OR the Tiny Homes !
closest studio: the Beaches

Amanda Lazarevski – 06/18/2024

The animal bowls workshop is the favourite. My closest studio is Main St.

Annie – 06/18/2024

Kitty Mugs!
Steveston Richmond 4cats

Carrie – 06/18/2024

My favourite September workshop is Pumpkin House (UBC 4Cats Studio)!

annes – 06/18/2024

Animal Bowl workshop is my pick. It would be nice to enjoy cereals in these cute bowls. My closest studio is Steveston Richmond 4Cats.

Rae – 06/18/2024

My favourite workshop is the Tiny Clay Homes ❤️
(St. Albert 4Cats Studio)

Jami – 06/18/2024

Animal Bowl is my fave Sept workshop! And Waterloo 4Cats is the closest studio!

Helen Phan – 06/18/2024

Hygge Kitty Mug

Chantal – 06/18/2024

Ahh the animal bowls are so cute! My closest studio is Ottawa- Glebe <3

Raissa Amany – 06/18/2024

Loving the Hygge Kitty Mugs! My closest studio is Waterloo! Thanks so much for the chance to win :)

Keeley Parsons – 06/18/2024

sister companies