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(1) ✨💖 *NEW Hygge Kitties Mini Session!

(2) 💥 😺 Cartoon Hygge Kitties - new project!

(3) 🥖👩‍🍳🍪 New fall collection candle - the Thanks Bakery Candle

June 21st
June 21st

June 21st

June 21st

(1)  ✨💖 *NEW Hygge Kitties Mini Session!


20% OFF for 3 weeks of kitty joy!


Friends, if your child is also registered for the 6 Week September Exploratory Class about Wildlife Artists...

you get 50% OFF!

offers end July 15th

(2) 💥 😺 Cartoon Hygge Kitties - new project!


Animation Studio!

And because we really love doing cool stuff... we have even started our own animation studio for our upcoming Hygge Kitty Cartoon series!

We made our first little video, we are just so excited to get the kitties moving!

*For all you animators out there, this is only a test video. Just us fooling around with software. We will get better! 😂

(3) 🥖👩‍🍳🍪 New fall collection candle - the Thanks Bakery Candle

*NEW The Thanks Bakery Candle

Have you ever walked into a bakery and just wanted to get one of everything because it smelled so goooood! 👩‍🍳🎂🍪🥖🥐🍩🍞

Yeah, us too.

For our new Thanks Bakery candle we wanted to capture that yummy feeling of fresh baked goodies that makes your space feel so warm, cozy and homey.

Our Thanks Bakery candle is very beautiful and simple. We did this by meticulously mixing and layering our glazes.

The candle is inspired by all the colours and smells of our bakery located in our Farm Stand on Cedar Heart Farms, on Salt Spring Island. This one will be available in early July!

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Many great experiences but my favourite would have to my my daughters 8th birthday. Her friends all made owl cups and the party went amazing but opening them all up and giving them to each guest was the cutest joy! The delight and thanks we got was so heartwarming. Talk about the cutest birthday ever! My daughter is so excited about her upcoming camp!

Luka Hayes – 06/21/2024

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