Stoneware: Required Course Materials and Access

Required course materials - not included in tuition fee

  • stoneware clay - speckled / 44 LB
  • clay tools 8 piece set
  • choice of high fire glazes / 2kg bags each
  • mixing bucket
  • 2 gallon glaze bucket for each glaze colour
  • a kiln or access to a kiln
  • long handled fan brush
  • #6 detail brush
  • dipping tongs
  • sieve
  • paint mixing tool

Access to included course material, optional curriculum & marketing packages.

  • Upon registration, you will have access to purchase course materials listed above, or you may use your own. 
  • You will have access to wholesale stoneware clay and related materials and supplies for 1 year.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for materials delivery.
  • Lesson will begin Jan 11th, 2021, students will have 3 months to complete the course.
  • When the course opens you will be prompted to book group calls and one on one coaching calls times.
  • When the course begins you will have access to purchasing optional curriculum and optional marketing packages to use for your business.
  • You must be enrolled in the course to purchase materials please.